5 Secrets To Keeping Drains Clean And Unclogged

Kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor drains are essential systems for keeping your home clean and smelling fresh. If the drains are unclean and blocked, individuals experience bad air quality indoors even if they have a functioning air conditioning system. Keeping drains clean and unclogged is not easy for many homeowners. Once in a while, they call in plumbers to unblock the drains, which can be expensive in the long term. Here are tips to help residents keep their drains clean and in perfect condition.

Avoid Disposing of Foreign Objects Down the Drains

Every drain in a home has specific materials they should drain. For instance, kitchen drains should drain off wastewater and soapy residues. One should not let food debris, grease, and other wastes pass through the sink down to the drains. In the case of a bathroom drain, it should only drain off soapy water, dirty water, and toothpaste wastes. Things like hair and wipes should not go through the bathroom sink or shower plughole. Toilets are designed to drain pees, poos, water, and paper. Anything else can cause blockage.

If one ensures that the right materials go down the drains, that will minimize incidences of blockages. This is the simplest way to ensure home drains are more efficient. But if one doesn’t care what goes down the drain, they will likely have to deal with frequent drain issues.

Flush Down the Sinks with Boiling Water

Fats and grease are some of the main wastes that accumulate in drains and cause partial blockage. Washing oily dishes and disposing of grease down the kitchen drain is discouraged. It causes fats to build up in the pipes and drains, causing sinks to drain slowly. Fats also trap other debris like food particles, which can completely block the drains. Flushing down the sinks with several kettles of boiling water melts the fats and grease, unblocking the system. If this doesn’t work, one should call drain cleaning services to unblock the draining system.

Use Drain Trap

There are certain substances that struggle to flow down the drains. These substances include hair, wipes, soap scum, and more. Homeowners can install drain traps in the bathrooms, kitchen, and other entry points to trap all these substances that shouldn’t flow through the drains. This ensures that the drains remain clear for the longest time possible. Without drain traps, all those substances might end up in the drains, causing partial blockage.

Regular Professional Drain Cleaning

Pouring hot water down the sinks and shower traps may not be enough to keep drains clean and clear. One should hire experts for drain cleaning services. These plumbing experts will inspect the system and clean it professionally to make it more efficient. They know what needs to be done to clean the kitchen, bathroom, toilet, and outdoor drains.

Experienced drain cleaning companies have specialized tools and equipment for the job. They also use safe, effective cleaning products to ensure the drains are left clean and clear. One should avoid amateur companies as they may not have the expertise and tools, and equipment, hence can make costly mistakes during cleaning.

Drain Inspection is Essential

Regular drain inspection is essential in identifying hidden damages and problems. Property owners should hire a trusted plumbing company for inspection. A reputable company uses the latest technology, such as camera inspection, to spot blockages, roots, wear and tear, misaligned joints, and other problems. After inspection, one can now hire professionals to fix the issues identified.

If one doesn’t inspect the drains more often, they can be surprised one day when the drains are blocked or damaged beyond repair. Drain inspection can help one avoid costly repairs and inconveniences caused by drain blockages. Note that most reputable plumbing companies also offer drain cleaning services and sewer repair services.

Keeping the drains clean and unclogged is a process. One has to ensure that no foreign objects go through the drains as they cause blockage and slow drain. In addition, flushing hot water down the sink and draining systems can help unclog drains blocked by fats and grease. People should also invest in regular drain inspection and cleaning to ensure drains are more efficient. It is also advisable to have a stand-by plumbing company to call when your drain system develops issues.

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